The World Fades Away

by Dark Matter

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released May 15, 2015

All music, lyrics, and arrangement by Dark Matter.

Guitar solo in Blessed Assurance by Cameron French.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tim Lynch (The Recording Company)

Album Art by Leanna White (Leanna White Creative)



all rights reserved


Dark Matter Albany, New York

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Track Name: Fall
I am infected
Trapped in a clouded mindset
Surrounded by the nebulous
Nesciant of the future

The cadence of memory
Will never be absent
The persistence of thought
Of what could be

I am desolate
Void of bright eyes
Sleepwalking amongst the dead
How can I live
Lost in the maze of a mind
Screams reflect off walls of time

I am infected
Lost in my mind
Surrounded by nothing
Stuck in this lie
Consumed by my anger
With my skin in tatters
I feel reprieve

The nightmare begins
When two become one
Our world shattered at the brink of dawn
Torn asunder
Tossed in the sea
Dispersed, displaced, misery

Fall, fall, fall

Somewhere a war rages on
Once I thought I'd be free
Abandon the shackles within
I'll find what's killing me
Track Name: Blessed Assurance
The murder in my mind is not celestial
But for those who say "what he wrought"
Kill the cowards and kings tonight
By works, not by faith, you will die

For all the preachers
And the teachers
And the ones who taught me from a young age to whom I should bow

All believers
All receivers
All passers of this word

There's a voice that lives inside of me
That's tearing me apart
Theirs a poisonn that moves inside of me
And it's made it's way to my heart

For those who said, "weep."
Weep, you're hearing me
It dwells inside my mind
And it's tearing me apart

Deep inside the fear is real
Of what's lying out of sight
Deep inside my wandering mind
What lies beyond the shroud?

Crucify the faithless
Crucify the faithful
Blessed assurance, I can't hear a thing
This is my own judgment day

Track Name: She's Somewhere
We were alive in the hardest times
Searching for a way to overcome
The world fades away
The sky is falling down
As you realize the worst of all I've done

All alone I'm falling
The desolate is calling
Lost the will to find it
My Empty soul reminds me now

How I suffer alone
Falling away from all I know
Drifting through this life
A waste

I followed her shadow through the emptiness
She leaves me abandoned, shattered, and alone
I've never been this close to breathing death before.
The absence of your light compels my wicked ways

excise my memory
rip you from my thoughts
I hope I bleed eternally
As you push me into hell
Track Name: The Great Journey
Prophet of the digital world
Tell me your truth
Your way to know what lies beneath
These shallow wounds

You are not blood borne
You are not a pathogen
You are just of figment
Of their construction

I am here
I am the one
I am here
To end your dissension

Behold a vision
Of higher places
The glory of
The throne of grace

The evidence
The atmosphere
The echoes of this
Empty grave

I am the will, the arm of the gods
The passive voice against an active rebellion
Peeling the skin of the sinners
An end to their heresy

They try to survive
While choking on blood
What is the voice they heed
The lies he tells
The claims he makes
Will die like the end of the day

The great journey
Is just a lie
Witness the death of us all
See the vision through the eyes of the dead
The shit they preach is enslavement